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How to Apply Perfume Correctly

03/03/2022 - Nerissa

Learning how to properly apply perfume will assist us in getting the most out of each aroma and extending the duration of its influence for many hours.

Certainly, you already have your own method; you will always spray your favorite essence in a certain manner, and you will have your own small tricks to enhance the perfume of your favorite essence. Nevertheless, we would like to share some tips with you today about the right application of a perfume. Please continue reading!

Apply Perfume Correctly

When spraying it, aim for a distance of 10 to 15 centimeters from the skin to ensure that it covers a greater surface area. It is not required to use excessive amounts of the fragrance; if it is a good one, consider that the scent is much more concentrated, and thus a few drops will be plenty. The fragrance that we perceive when we perfume ourselves fades away after a few minutes, but the rest of the room continues to have the smell, thus physically bathing in it will not increase its intensity. It is important to remember that it will evaporate after a few hours, so keeping a tiny sample of it in your bag and spraying it every few hours can help to maintain its impact.

Where to Spray

Is it in the neck? Is it anywhere in your hair? Everyone is aware that these are the most common locations in which to use it. In order to improve its scent, spray it in the regions where you can measure your pulse since it is in these locations that more heat is created, which causes its intensity to be larger and its duration to be longer. However, while many people have the habit of applying cologne to their clothing as well, the truth is that in order to get the most benefit from cologne, it is best used directly on the skin because it tends to disappear when applied to clothing and some colognes contain components that can stain fabrics.

Pick the Right Time

Spray your fragrance after bathing to guarantee that it lasts longer on your skin since the pores are open and will allow the smell to permeate more effectively. For proper application of the perfume, it is necessary to ensure that both the gel and the moisturising cream you use are scent-neutral, since the combination of fragrances will cause them all to be lost if used together. You have probably heard that some people's essences last longer than others'; this is completely true; oily skin retains the aromas for a longer period of time, which is why we recommend that you use a neutral moisturising cream before spraying the perfume to ensure that the scent lasts for a longer period of time.

Summer Perfume

02/03/2022 - Sarah

Do you recall that one summer that was so memorable because of everything you saw and did that it still brings a big grin to your face after all these years? It makes you smile when you recall it. It's something I've done as well!

Now... focus on the following: What is the last fragrance you recall from that summer? Surely, fragrances that remind you of situations you'd want to recall come to mind:

The scent of the sea, the smell of sand, which transports you as if you were sunbathing on your towel, the smell of chlorine from the hours and hours you spent in the pool with your friends, and the smell of newly cut grass. Do you get a whiff of them? If I ask you: What perfume do you recall from that summer, I'm confident it will happen to you in the same manner. What kind of cologne did you wear? Is there a puff of summer love in the air? Our bodies' capacity to remind us of such specific occasions via odors and feelings is remarkable. The finest presents, in my opinion, are moments rather than goods. A gift of fragrance will enable you to have a lot of memories for the rest of your life, and that is a really lovely gift.

The Effect That Summer Has on Us

Climate and personality have been demonstrated to go hand in hand. The weather conditions where we reside have an impact on our emotions. You're not crazy if you don't want to do anything or even leave the house on a chilly, dreary winter day.

Because our brain secretes serotonin, a chemical that regulates our mood, it has been shown that exposing our bodies to sunshine is really good (as long as it is done with caution and protection). Our mood is generally positive, and we feel good when our serotonin levels are high.

We normally take advantage of this period of the year to take holidays. So, to avoid the monotony of winter, we make use of the fact that we are much more ready and active to create plans at this time of year.

Summer Scented Colognes

Although there is no distinct fragrance, it is true that in the summer we are more likely to be in locations where the heat is intense, we sweat more, and we utilise the hours of the day (and night) to make plans. We have more time to spend on leisure and, of course, socialising.

For this time of year, perfume manufacturers usually release limited edition surprises. Changing our typical scent for summer fragrances helps us to experience a psychological shift that is even required to interrupt our habit. This is the ideal time of year to use perfumes with fruity scents, fresh scents, citrus scents, in short, summer fragrances.

How and Where to Put Our Perfume

Experts recommend these body parts for the longest-lasting effect:

  • Behind the ears: Because it is a portion of the body that is near to the sense of smell, it is a very effective location.
  • Inside the wrists: Because our hands are always in motion, it is simple for our aroma to be picked up by other persons in the vicinity.
  • In the neck area: Because of the heat that is created, our scent will linger longer in this region of the body, making it a classic spot to apply fragrance to.
  • On the chest: By applying scent to this area of the body, we may create a multiplier effect since our clothing will be infused as well.

Tips to Check the Originality of a Fragrance

01/03/2022 - Nerissa

It is necessary to evaluate the following aspects to verify if a smell is real.

As soon as we contemplate acquiring a perfume, the first thing that comes to mind is the need to determine whether the smell we are contemplating purchasing is legitimate. You may use these five criteria to determine whether or not a perfume is legitimate to avoid falling into any commercial traps.


It has substance, and the folds are perfect, and the cellophane adheres to the packing, like in the original scent packaging. The cardboard used in counterfeiting is often fairly thin, and there is air between the cardboard and cellophane when it is employed in the process. When brushed on the skin, it makes a distinctive noise, which makes it readily noticeable. When the cellophane is opened, the look of the product will be obvious, and it will be simple to tell if it is an imitation or an original.

The Case

In order to attract attention with their products with the first impression of the client, commercial brands work very hard in terms of presentation of the product, the letters, and the case (CARTON), seeking the best quality for their clients, whereas imitation brands do not care about the first impression and only want to make money through the sale of counterfeit perfume, the case is of poor quality, the font is not of quality, and there is no r in the word "ROSE". Commercial brands are those that are used in commerce.


On the other hand, the authentic perfume bottles are free of defects and visible edges, whilst the counterfeit bottles are characterised by irregularities and a wide range of thicknesses. The companies that manufacture genuine perfumes pay close attention to every detail of the product, ensuring that it has a faultless finish. The bottles created by clandestine organisations, on the other hand, are poorly constructed, lack a sumptuous feel, and are misshapen at the corners as well as at each end.

Serial Number

For genuine merchandise, identical serial numbers are printed or affixed to the bottom of each carton; for a copy to be regarded real, the same serial numbers must be printed or attached to each perfume bottle in exactly the same manner as the original. counterfeit products often do not have a serial number or serial number that does not match the number on the container's label, as is the case with counterfeit medications.

Color and Aroma of the Perfume

On the one hand, the most well-known brands have pale colours and do not contain much colourant; In contrast, the clandestine brands use a great deal of colourant while also altering the aromas of the fragrance, making it difficult to distinguish between the main and secondary notes, and they also contain a significant amount of alcohol.

Finally, the companies that develop cutting-edge scents pay close attention to even the smallest details, guaranteeing that their goods are of the greatest possible quality at all times. Do not be afraid to look at the finer features at shopping malls; this will save you both time and money in the long run.

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