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You Cannot Go Wrong When Wearing One of These Celebrity Perfumes

Perfumes are classic, timeless and something you need to try!

27/11/2023 - Jonalyn

5 Indian Fragrance Brands to Follow

Oudh is a strong ingredient in many local perfumes and is being used more thoughtfully.

"Indians as a population are a stinky lot." I did not say that. An international stand-up comic said it. It's a true assumption that I would like to refute (unless I am waiting for the 6 a.m. boarding and then find evidence to the contrary).

However, body odour is not the problem. India is a hot country and we all sweat. Most of us are either unaware of our bodily olfactory abilities or just too ignorant. It almost seems paradoxical for a country that is rich in spices and perfumed plant extracts.

The new India, which is now emerging around us, is more concerned about this malaise. Abdulla Ajmal (scion of Ajmal perfume empire), said, "Look good. Feel good. And smell good." and Indians are now realizing that achieving just two out of three on this is not enough.

All Scents

Perfumes were never considered essential and were even considered a luxury. They were a costly treat. And even for those who could afford them the availability and selection were limited. A large portion of my collection is made up of duty-free and travel abroad purchases. We have in India chemical-heavy, smelly fumes that were bottled with names that resembled international brands.

We did have serious perfumes. But they were at the other end of the spectrum -- the great olfactory libraries that existed in the side streets of cities. These were where the attar-makers used to operate. These oils and extracts are extremely rare and precious and their application and handling were too complicated for city-slickers.

It is good to see that there are new perfumes on the horizon, with homegrown brands working alongside international 'noses'. These scents could be nose-to-nose rivals for established brands. They use high-quality raw materials, whether natural or pure, and package it well and price it at a level that is within reach of larger brands. Here's a quick list of perfumes that are making a splash in the perfume world. Oudh seems to be a common material. This may explain why this endangered tree species is being grown in Kerala.

Ajmal: "Oudh still hasn't seen daylight yet!" These are the words that Abdulla Ajmal said to me during our meeting. The possibilities with this bark are endless and we are only scratching the surface, pun intended. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. They showed me a blend of citrus top-notes and florals, where the Oudh sat in the back, supporting it but not dominating. The perfume masters also shared a tip: "The average consumer cannot tell if the Oudh is real or synthetic; trusting the brand is the only way to make sure." Ask questions and engage with them. This new range is priced below 2,000 Rupee, but still maintains the purity and integrity of its ingredients.

Bombay Perfumery: Manan Gandhi has it all. From source to spritz - buying ethically from the right farmers and producers, mixing in local ingredients and bottling up nuances and nostalgia, they are on point. Their collabs and candles, including one featuring an Oudh (1,600 Rupee), are all part of a solution to make sure that you send out the right scents for just about 4,000 Rupee.

Maison de Fouzdar: Dimple Fouzdar is another strong supporter of all things Oudh but also understands the need to update it. The range is varied from floral to woody-spicy, and it is considered a premium product. The 7,000 Rupee range includes a 100ml flacon.

Olfa Originals: These premium-priced perfumes, which are focused on all things Oudh, are also in the mix. I particularly enjoyed their roll-on version which was easy to carry and very long-lasting. Price starts at 5,000 Rupee.

Embark: This range is very affordable (sub 2,500 Rupee per 100 ml Eau de Parfum). It's packed like 80s classic perfumes. They feel rich and last a decent amount of time. The essence of each place was captured quite well by the 'Rajasthan, 'Kerala and 'Goa’ variants.

A good perfume is about how it makes you feel and how long they last. While individual preferences for scents and blends are still a matter of personal taste, my experiences with these brands have been very positive. We can now talk about perfumes that meet high standards but are accessible to everyone. Here's to smell good 6 am flights.

Two Perfume Makers Were Fined for Illicitly Releasing Harmful Material Into Public Sewers

07/08/2022 - Sarah

SINGAPORE: Two perfume and fragrance companies Takasago International (Singapore), and Givaudan Singapore were each fined S$9,000 for illegally causing toxic industrial waste to be discharged into the public sewer system.

Takasago International (Singapore), and Givaudan Singapore had mistakenly engaged AJ Jetting to collect and dispose of sludge at Jurong Water Reclamation Plant.

"Sludge from oil interceptors can be classified as toxic industrial refuse and must be collected by licensed toxic industrial waste collectors.

PUB (Public Utilities Board of Singapore) stated that both companies also discharged trade effluent with prohibited substances from their premises to the public sewerage system.

Takasago's and Givaudan’s offenses were discovered last January and February, while PUB investigated illegal dumping activities by general refuse collectors.

Investigations revealed that AJ Jetting did not know that the sludge it collected from Takasago or Givaudan contained toxic industrial waste.

AJ Jetting was denied a permit to dispose of general waste at the PUB's Water Reclamation Plants. PUB issued a stern warning to remind AJ Jetting to verify that any collected waste falls within their purview.

PUB stated that the permit was reinstated only after AJ Jetting met all conditions, which included implementing suitable monitoring devices on their waste collection tankers.

Takasago was convicted of two charges and was fined S$5,500 in Sep 2021. Givaudan was convicted of one and was fined S$3,500 in Apr 2022.

"Used water in Singapore is a valuable resource - every drop is collected through an extensive network of sewers to be reused," stated Mr Maurice Neo director of PUB’s Water Reclamation Network.

He said that illegal discharges of industrial waste into our sewers can disrupt the Water Reclamation Plants' used water treatment process and put at risk the safety and health of workers who maintain the system.

How to pick a perfume, or what sort of perfume I should use, is a topic that requires considerable thought to obtain the perfect scent. Now, if you follow the instructions outlined in this article, you should be able to complete it without difficulty. You could even be able to select the ideal scent to offer as a present.

Which Chanel Perfumes Do You Like Best?

05/08/2022 - Jonalyn

A scent or fragrance can trigger memories like nothing else. Your perfume can be an integral part your personality, and Chanel perfume is the most classic.

Gabrielle "Coco” Chanel revolutionized the fragrance industry when she launched Chanel No. 5, her first perfume, in 1921. Chanel has been creating and releasing beautiful, unique fragrances ever since.

Here Are Some Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Chanel Fragrance

Ask for a Sample Perfume

Before you buy a full-size Chanel perfume, make sure to try a sample. This will allow you to see the effect of the perfume on your skin. You can share perfume samples with friends or find perfume-loving people through blogs and online forums.

Consider Your Budget

When you're buying Chanel perfume, it is important to think about your budget. Chanel perfumes can be costly, but there are cheaper options available.

Change Your Scent With the Seasons

You should change your scents as the seasons and weather changes. High summer temperatures can intensify dense and heavy scents such as musk. It's best to use light florals or citrus fragrances during summer and save the more intense scents for autumn and winter.

What Should You Look For in a Chanel Quality Perfume?


Chanel perfumes contain layers of different scents. Chanel perfumes contain alcohol, water, synthetic ingredients, animal extracts and essential oils. The fragrance lasts longer because the animal extracts are more potent than the essential oils. Essential oils come from plants and fruits and make up the majority of the scent.

Parfum Notes

There are three main categories of perfume notes: base notes, middle and top. The top notes (or "head notes") are the most intense scents. They are what you will smell when you apply Chanel perfume. While the middle, or "heart notes", is the central part of the perfume. It takes the longest time to create the base notes.

Type of Fragrance

There are many fragrances available, including perfume, eau-de-cologne, and eau-de toilette.

What Is the Average Price You Would Spend on Chanel Perfumes?

Depending on the type and price of the fragrance, you can expect to pay different amounts. Chanel perfumes cost between $100 and $480 an ounce while Chanel eau-de-perfumes are $34 to $38 an ounce. Eau de toilette costs $33-$52 per ounce, and Chanel eau de cologne costs about $44 per ounce.

Chanel Perfume FAQ

How Can You Test a Perfume and See if It Suits Your Needs?

Don’t use any lotions or other perfumes while you are trying out Chanel perfumes. Spray the Chanel perfume onto your arm, and then wait for it to evaporate. Fragrances can take time to develop on warm skin. It can take as long as half an hour for the primary notes to develop on your skin so please be patient. You can begin to smell the true perfume character after about half an hour. Then you can decide if you like it enough to buy and wear it.

What Makes Fragrances Different for Different People?

Fragrances often have a different scent on each people because of the moisture of the skin and how it reacts to perfumes. Even though you may be wearing the same perfume as millions of others, the scent will smell different to you. It's important to test the perfume on your skin before making a purchase.

Where Is the Best Place for Chanel Perfume Storage?

Although it might seem normal to keep Chanel perfume in the bathroom for its fragrance, heat and moisture can cause the perfume or fragrance to break down faster than usual. It will smell different than the original perfume if it has begun to break down. This is why it's important to keep your perfume out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. To preserve the fragrance's integrity, it is best to keep Chanel perfume in a dry and cool place in your home.

Which Chanel Perfume Is the Best?

Top Chanel Perfume

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Intense

What you should know:
This powerful Coco Mademoiselle fragrance by Chanel is intense and lasts a long time.

What you will love:
Considered the best Chanel eau de Parfum fragrance, this scent is warm and floral and will be a hit with everyone.

Some customers claim that the scent of the perfume is overwhelming.

Top Chanel Budget Perfume

Chanel Coco Eau de Toilette

What you should know:
This popular, affordable Chanel eau de toilette is the perfect sophisticated scent for customers of all ages.

What you will love:
This affordable Chanel eau-de-toilette has an Indonesian patchouli-tinted fragrance and a combination of jasmine absolute, mandarin and ylang-ylang for a layered perfume that won't break the bank.

Some customers say that the perfume's scent is too strong.

Worth Checking Out

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette Spray

What you should know:
This fresh, youthful-smelling Chanel eau de toilette spray is the perfect choice for modern times.

What you will love:
This oriental Chanel eau de toilette spray is a modern and feminine blend of patchouli and jasmine. It has a warm, floral scent. It also contains enriching notes like Sicilian grapefruit and fruity lychee.

You should be aware that this spray's scent doesn't last long.

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