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Perfume Bottles Through the Ages

17/04/2022 - Jonalyn

The history of perfume bottles has been both artistic and useful. The perfume used to be in an alabaster bottle that had to be broken to unleash the beautiful fragrances. Or it was hidden in a pomander, hardly perceptible by the nose. Fragrant ointments were formerly stored in magnificent amphorae to anoint monarchs and heroes.

However, perfume bottles have evolved to prevent direct contact with air, therefore delaying the oxidation process.

The spray head is now standard on most perfume bottles. It is the finest method to conserve them and utilise them logically, since some of us would bathe in scent if allowed.

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Perfume as a Luxury

It's impossible to imagine life without strong fragrances now. Cosmetics and cleaning chemicals continually scent our surroundings.

Nice smells make us feel good, clean, and healthy. Because perfumes were formerly rare, acquiring one signified riches and power.

So it's been stored in glass or transparent stones. Similarly, brilliant stones and strings were added.

This gorgeous perfume bottle decorating remains today. It's a way of anticipating the lovely smell it carries within.

Materials With Which Perfume Bottles Were Made in Ancient Times

Although several ancient texts mention the usage of perfume, nothing is known about the vessels used to keep it.

According to the Bible, Jesus' feet were once anointed with perfume. "While he was at Bethany, sitting at the table, a lady arrived who brought an alabaster jar with pure perfume of nard, exceedingly costly; she broke the jar and poured it over her head." (Mark 14: 3). According to the preacher, the lady had to shatter the jar to get her scent out. So, what was this container's material?

Alabaster is a stone made of gypsum, gypsum or calcium sulphate. In this case, the smooth stone lacks handles. Alabaster is flexible and simple to carve, allowing it to be moulded creatively. Its transparent tint added a stunning visual element, indicating buying power.

Alabaster was used to make several containers, the most rudimentary being alabastron. It has been discovered in excavations all throughout the Mediterranean. It was designed to hold ointments and fragrant liquids. It first appeared in Egypt and Greece between 1000 and 600 BC.

Perfume Bottles in Egypt and Greece

In both Greece and Egypt, they specialised in different sorts of packaging.

Those in Egypt had no handles. Instead, a rope was passed through a hoop. It was easy to utilise. It had a circular base and a long neck that resembled a palm tree. It's funnel-shaped. They used to be zigzagged or circled with stones.

Perfumes were stored in alabastrons and ointments in Greece. The exaliptro is the most expensive bottle, made of silver or gold. A kothon or lekythos is a similar container.

The Greeks also utilised ceramics to store fragrant ointments and elixirs. The pyx or pyxis had a cylindrical form and a knobbed cover. They were bare. These boxes held jewelry as well. They were nearly often adorned with feminine artwork.

Lastly, the arbalo was used to hold creams and flavoured cosmetics. Its contents were employed for bodily maintenance; hence it was probably an athlete's trousseau. The most common ones were 6-10 cm long and hung from the waist by a string.

From Ceramic to Glass in Perfume Bottles

The Etruscans utilised ceramics to hold fragrant lotions and liquids. They utilised bucchero pottery, which is fine and lustrous black. The thin walls of these jars made them fragile.

Perfumes were still stored in glossy jars made of bucchero earthenware or transparent pastes. Then came the opulent and magnificent bottles to store the lovely scent.

The Venetians invented the use of mouth-blown glass jars to hold perfume masters' delicately produced smells. This is how they refined their oriental glass blowing technique.

Many Venetian glassmakers went to Bohemia and Germany, where they specialised in cut quartz perfume bottles.

Starting in the 16th century, it was nearly mandatory to use perfumes. In this environment, bourgeois and aristocrats used cosmetics to enrich their personal atmosphere.

This defined the design and fabrication of hand-cut crystal glass bottles. The objective was to create handcrafted jewelry to satisfy the most discerning clientele. They also had metal and precious stone embellishments inlaid in them.

Perfume bottles were so beautiful between the 16th and 19th centuries that they were displayed in salons for friends and neighbors to admire.

Men’s Perfumes With Sweet Fragrances

14/04/2022 - Jonalyn

Men's fragrances with sweet aromas have been more popular in recent years. Both in exclusive colonies for them and in unisex colonies.

It's a kind of fragrance that's known for its warmth. They contain sweet spice overtones, which is a characteristic of the oriental olfactory family.

The gourmand family is a newcomer to the world of men's fragrance. Honey, praline, vanilla, and chocolate are among the lovely fragrances found in this blend. It comes in a wide range of styles, including both macho and unisex options.

These sweet scents have a long-lasting effect on the skin, so you may enjoy their delectable intensity for up to half a day. As a result, we propose the following sweet smells for men's perfumes.

Sweet Spicy Scents

The sweet spicy scents pique the interest and arouse the desires. The voluptuousness of its perfume envelops you in a warm, magical ambiance that is characteristic of the oriental olfactory family.

This category of scents is notable for being well-known since antiquity. Its legitimacy, on the other hand, is timeless. It's the kind of scent you'll want to wear in the winter to easily connect with your warm and caring side. It will also be your companion while organising a romantic sunset date.

These are some of the sweet scents for guys with spicy undertones that we suggest.

1 Million Lucky

Paco Rabanne's iconic ingot 1 Million Lucky has been clothed in white and gold to give us this delectable and seductive aroma. It's intense without losing sight of its refinement and grace.

It has a long-lasting aroma that is both sweet and woody. The intensity of grapefruit and plum can be detected in the top notes, which are unified in the bubbling ozone.

The woody fragrances of cashmere and cedar will entice you in the heart. Honey sweetness, hazelnuts, and delicate jasmine are all present.

Its base notes, which include vetiver, oakmoss, and patchouli, are enticing.

Pure XS

Pure XS was launched in 2017 by Paco Rabanne, with the same intensity that defines his creative mastery of his scents. Excessive, sensuous, sensual, macho, and addicting are all words that come to mind while thinking about this product.

The top notes may detect the predominance of spices such as thyme and ginger in a fresh breath of green herbs.

Its heart notes are considerably more sensuous, with cinnamon, liquor, leather, and vanilla in a highly masculine mix. The top notes of cerras include myrrh, sweetness, and a woody hint of cedar.

CK One Shock For Him

Another favourite of ours to suggest is CK One Shock for Him, which is designed specifically for guys. This scent is suited for young people since it is powerful, dazzling, and natural. It's a 2011 fragrance that was launched.

The fresh scents of lavender, cucumber, and clementine characterise young vigour in the top notes. The strength of pepper, osmanthus, cardamom, and basil is reawakened when the shift to the middle notes occurs.

Tobacco, white musk, patchouli, cashmeran, and amber finish on a pleasant woody base.

212 VIP Men

For the first time in 2011, the Carolina Herrera design business dazzled us with 212 VIP Men. It's a masculine fragrance that conjures up images of luxury, exclusivity, festive extravagance, and voluptuousness.

The top notes may detect a superb blend of ginger, grenadine, caviar, lime, and black pepper. It cuts through to sweet celebratory middle notes between spices, frozen mint, and vodka. The scent ends on a woody note with hints of leather and amber.

CH Men Prive

CH Men Prive, also by Carolina Herrera, is a delectable blend of leather, fruit, and spices. As a result, it's one of its coziest, most sumptuous, most enticing scents.

The top notes are strong whiskey and grapefruit, while the spicy fragrances of sage, cardamom, red thyme, and lavender fill the middle notes. It finishes with tonka bean, benzoin, and leather over a warm woody backdrop.

Myths and Truths About the Use of Perfume

12/04/2022 - Sarah

These are the scent myths and realities that you should be aware of. Which of the following claims is correct, and which will we refute? Come along with us to find out.

5 Myths and Truths About the Use of Perfume That We Should All Know

You're probably sick of your buddies always instructing you whether or not to wear perfume. As a result, we'll assist you in dispelling any questions you may have concerning the most common perfume allegations.

"Do not keep the perfume in the bathroom because it will harm you"

Truth! As unbelievable as it may seem, the bathroom is not the greatest location for your fragrances. In reality, the guidelines say that they should be kept in a cold, dry location.

As a result, the bathroom is not an appropriate location for them. There is a lot of humidity in these regions, and the temperature fluctuates a lot whether you put on the hot water or leave the door open. So, to preserve them in excellent shape, store them in your closet.

"The best way to apply perfume is to spray it into the air and pass through it"

Myth. This technique of perfume application cannot be said to be the best. This is due to the fact that each person's skin pH varies, as do our perceptions of scent.

The popular consensus is that your cologne should be placed on the pulse points. These may be found on the wrists, knee and elbow creases, behind the ears, and neck.

Some people play an erotic game by following their own body geography and concealing scented notes in increasingly obscure spots.

Others choose to apply scent on their clothing. However, the application of perfumes is entirely dependent on the individual.

"If you wear perfume on the beach it will stain your skin"

Truth. Cosmetics for personal use, in general, include ingredients that respond to temperature fluctuations. In the same way, they vary in response to solar radiation.

So, if you're going to the beach or anywhere else where you'll be exposed to direct sunlight, don't wear your typical scent. Check the labels on suntan lotion and sunscreen if you want to keep your body smelling great. You'll be amazed to learn that some of them emit pleasant smells that you may enjoy while wearing them on your skin.

"Do not use perfume on your clothes because it will stain them"

Myth. In reality, the ideal approach to add fragranced things to infant garments is to spray perfume on them.

There is, nonetheless, an unspoken reality. It's the fact that any scent may stain white or light-colored clothing. However, if you use deodorant or body lotion on off-white clothing, the same thing might happen.

"Don't wear sweet perfumes outdoors because they attract mosquitoes."

Truth. When going to the park or having an outdoor picnic, it is best not to wear fragrances with sweet notes. It is even suggested that you bring a plague repellent with you. They now offer fragrance-free wristbands and tattoos to keep you safe from stings.

If you like to smell wonderful at all times, we offer citronella-scented repellents. It's chilly, pleasant, and will keep insects at bay.

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